Battle Robot Damashi (PSP/ISO/FULL/JAP/Patched)

Battle Robot Damashi (PSP/ISO/FULL/JAP/Patched)

Robots Tamashi is one of Bandai’s star products. They are action figures created loyally according to the various robots from the stellar anime series. Now, these action figures leap into a game to do war to each other. Battle Robot Tamashi is where your robots show their true powers.
One of the most important features is the Tamashi Move. Gamers can activate his skill to evade attacks from enemy robots, and combine it with their attacks to do devastating damage. Depending on which stage of the game they are in, gamers can bring more and more Robots with them. By swapping robots, gamers can take advantage of the special attacks and the terrains. And when the Tamashi gauge reaches 100%, they can tap into the Tamashii Change skill.

Год выпуска: 2013
Разработчик: Bandai Namco Games
Издатель: Bandai Namco Games
Платформа: PSP
Тип издания: FULL
Тип образа: ISO
Жанр: Action
Язык: JAP
Прошивка: All CFW (проверена на 5.50 Prome 4)
Размер ISO: 630 Мб
Размер RAR: 435 Мб

1. Скачайте и распакуйте архив.
2. Файл с игрой записать на карту памяти в папку X:/ISO/ (где Х - ваша карта памяти).
3. Запускать из меню 'Игра'.

Battle Robot Damashi (PSP/ISO/FULL/JAP/Patched)
Народ.ру: СКАЧАТЬ

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